The Menninger Clinic and Baylor College of Medicine Research Institute and Outpatient Care Center

The Menninger Clinic Unlocking Minds Logo

Brand Assessment and Development


The Menninger Clinic (TMC) and the Department of Psychiatry and Behavior Sciences at Baylor College of Medicine (BCM) had partnered since 2004 to advance mental health research, education and patient care, successfully integrating staff and optimizing resources. TMC opened The Mental Health Epicenter in 2012, an extraordinary psychiatric hospital built on 50-acres near the Texas Medical Center where the most complex mental health issues are treated.

In 2014, TMC approached Breakfast at 12 about creating a brand image for its capital campaign to raise more than $25 million to build the Research Institute and Outpatient Care (RIOC) Center where Dr. Stuart Yudofsky, the D.C., and Irene Ellwood, Professor and Chair of The Menninger Dept. of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences will relocate. In this shared space, some of the best scientific and clinical minds in psychiatry and neuroscience will enact a visionary approach to comprehensive mental health treatment, training and research.



Breakfast at 12 conducted a series of extensive one-on-one interviews with TMC and BCM doctors, administrators, donors and patients to gain an understanding of the perceptions around what this new facility would mean to psychiatric care, research and teaching.

As a result of our process, we found that the stakeholders in this project were interested in the following:

  • To eliminate the stigma of mental illness the same way that MD Anderson did for cancer.
  • To use science to dramatically improve treatment and the lives of people affected by neuropsychological illness. To become the premier neuropsychiatric institution in the US.

They felt that the purpose of the Institute was

“to build the most state of the art facilities that will attract private and federal dollars and lure the best scientists, teachers and doctors in world who will collaborate to shape the future of neuropsychiatry and successfully treat patients worldwide.”

The Menninger Clinic, Baylor College of Medicine Research Institute and RIOC Center would combine patient-centric mental health care, leading education and groundbreaking research to enable doctors, professors, students and researchers to collaborate and create more progressive treatments of mental illness. It will enable better collaboration among permanent as well as guest faculty, researchers and doctors in the advancement of new treatment techniques and allow BCM/TMC to share those findings with the worldwide psychiatric community.



Distilling our interviews and information around the RIOC capital campaign effort, we gained the understanding that this facility would provide “relief” from the suffering caused by mental illness to families who had possibly lost hope.

We positioned the effort with this statement:

For donors who suffer or have suffered
directly or indirectly with mental illness, giving
to the TMC/BCM Institute Capital Campaign provides them with the palpable hope that there will be relief through progressive research and more effective treatment.

Our brand personality included adjectives such as heroic, passionate,  nurturing, wise, intelligent, compassionate and innovative.

We executed with a new logo which combined the logos of both The Menninger Clinic and Baylor College of Medicine along with a keyhole that was also shaped like a person which is the focus of the RIOC. Above the keyhole is the image of a sunrise in the background symbolizing the hope that the effort would bring. The color blue was chosen for its compatibility with the two hospitals reinforcing the collaborative nature of the union. The effort was executed with donor-focused brochures, letterhead and other digital assets.

Menninger Clinic BCM Unlocking Minds
The RIOC capital campaign logo including both the BCM and TMC logos confined with a keyhole representing the “Unlocking Minds.” 
BCM and TMC Unlocking Minds Campaign Brochure Cover
The Unlocking Minds Campaign Brochure Cover
BCM and TMC campaign Power Point
The BCM and TMC campaign included a Power Point template for stakeholder presentations.