Eat, Drink & Being Mary Herrmann.

Having been doing this for quite some time, we appreciate great photography. So it was not only flattering that Mary Herrmann asked Breakfast at 12 to build her website, it was also a passion project.


Mary Herrmann is one of the best food photographers in Texas having cut her teeth for more than 20 years working for Ralph Smith Photography. She was for years, his go-to photographer shooting everything from food to cars. We had worked with her several times while she was there and always got great work from her.


From a technical standpoint, this site is relatively simple, but that’s by design. The key strategy was to build a site that would display the work in the best light possible. The work is the most important and we wanted users to be able to view it effortlessly and on any device. Again, no groundbreaking tech here, just a basic, easy-to-view site that shows Mary’s talent. To contact Mary, visit her fresh-baked website: