Casa Ole Has a Hit

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The Challenge

Since 1973, Casa Olé Mexican Restaurant has been making guests feel welcome with freshly prepared, high-quality Tex-Mex food, at family-friendly prices, but the brand needed fine-tuning. It wanted to reclaim its position as a fun, neighborhood Mexican restaurant against new competition such as Chuy’s, Gringo’s and Guadalajara. While at a previous firm, Breakfast at 12′s Mark Hayden, lead the strategy and creative team establishing three key objectives : 1) position the brand in a compelling new way, 2) reach and appeal to new customers, and 3) highlight fresh Tex-Mex at a value price point.


The Solution

The team would reinforce Casa Ole’s advantage of being the family restaurant that would not break your budget, while engaging a younger, newer target audience. 
They introduced Papi, a “romantic,” outspoken piñata (a traditional symbol of Mexican fiestas). Papi would be a beacon for people looking for dining value as he dropped into frame sharing his wisdom and guidance. The execution included three television commercials, but extended the experience giving Papi his own Facebook page and creating plush “Papis” that were sold in the restaurants. These additional touch points gave patrons a deeper engagement with the brand and a new merchandising revenue stream. See the Work.


The Results

The piñata campaign put Casa Olé back on the radar with both new patrons and the chain’s core customers. After the piñata campaign launched, Casa Olé enjoyed an increase in same store sales while the rest of the casual dining segment suffered 18% losses in the category.

Casa Ole Pinata TV Campaign

Casa Ole Papi the Pinata
Casa Ole Papi the Pinata