BIOSILK Packaging Redesign

The Challenge

BioSilk was the first liquids product line for Farouk Systems created by the founder more than 20 years ago. His vision of using silk–nature’s natural hair strengthener and softener–in a hair care line was an immediate sensation in the industry. Starting with a simple line of shampoo, conditioner and silk drops, more SKU’s were added over the years resulting in multiple sub-brands and color-coded confusion. Even though the product line was selling well, it was declining as competitors pulled away market share with their own silk-infused products.

We had three key objectives: 1) Make BioSilk relevant again with a more modern image, 2) Communicate the “Science, soft and strength” attributes and, 3) Systematize the benefits of BioSilk to make it easier to understand and use.

The Solution

Our strategy would be simple: 1) Keep the bottle’s hour-glass shape for the shampoo and conditioner–to leverage our current shelf appeal and maintain our
current customer base. 2) Color-code the sub-brands based upon benefits–we would call them “Therapy” as in “Volumizing Therapy,” “Color Therapy” “Thickening Therapy,” and “Hydrating Therapy.” The colors would be rich and shiny to give them a upscale appeal and communicate the brilliant shine the product would give a woman’s hair. 3) Instill the scientific DNA that went into creating BioSilk that has made it such a strong brand.

The final design incorporated a complete set of “Therapies” that were color-coded and differentiated by a dot-matrix configuration under each name. The illustration subtly represented rows of hair follicles and the positive effect the product would have on hair. For instance, the dot-matix rows in the Volumizing Therapy are thicker in the middle to show the transformation of hair from thin to thick. The dots in Hydrating Therapy actually look like water drops to communicate how the product adds moisture to the hair. Other Therapies have a similar scheme.

The Results

The new packaging was introduced to the public on NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice on March 24, 2013 and has since become a hot brand in the professional hair care space.

Biosilk packaging redesign old
BIOSILK’s old packaging was iconic, but confusing as new products were added without much logic to how they fit within the haircare system.
BioSilk Haircare Packaging Redesign - New Packaging
BIOSILK’s new packaging organized each product into “therapies” addressing issues that women had with their hair.