The Attorney with the White Hat

Gary Trichter Advertising

The Challenge

Trichter & Murphy, P.C., founded by J. Gary Trichter, one of the foremost expert attorneys in DWI law and author of the textbook, Texas Drunk Driving Law, has been a client of Breakfast at 12 since 2004. Our results-driven, award-winning radio advertising for the law firm established Attorney Gary Trichter as the choice when it comes to DWI defense attorneys. Trichter and Murphy expanded their engagement with Breakfast at 12 to help the firm gain a deeper understanding of its brand and execute on their promise both visually and verbally.

The Solution

After an extensive brand assessment including interviewing the internal staff and attorneys as well as fellow attorneys and clients, Breakfast at 12 clearly defined the Trichter & Murphy brand. Our assessment uncovered common denominators of persons arrested for DWI. They felt their lives—both professionally and personally—were in jeopardy. They were seeking strength, compassion and assurance that “everything would be alright.” We found all of these needs were being met as a matter of course by the legal team at Trichter & Murphy.


This perspective led us to the positioning:

“Trichter & Murphy provides experienced, aggressive and compassionate legal counsel for clients faced with potential life-changing criminal charges – especially driving while intoxicated.”


The firm essentially gives clients peace of mind that their case is in the hands of an a DWI Specialist attorney — two of only four in the State of Texas. This realization lead us to a brand archetype that was essentially the “white hat” cowboy. When prospects are faced with the dire consequences of a DWI arrest, they get a tough cowboy like Gary Trichter or Doug Murphy to come to their rescue.


Breakfast at 12 developed the Trichter & Murphy logo and identity as well as the website that features photos of Gary Trichter, Doug Murphy and the team in confident “lawyerly” postures.


The Results

The brand has resonated within the community and with clients. The new positioning was leveraged throughout the firm’s website and on business cards and shirts. The new site has resulted in more engaged visitors whose time spent on the site has increased 35%, whose number of pages per visit has improved by 22% and bounce rate has decreased by 16%.