The Addy’s were good to Breakfast at 12 this year.

HOUSTON, TX — I know, I know, the Addy’s … er … American Advertising Awards were in Houston last Thursday night and Breakfast at 12 took home a Gold Addy for our Church Services radio campaign and a Silver Addy for one of the spots in the campaign (I don’t remember which one we entered, but, apparently it was the weaker spot out of the bazillion in the campaign–otherwise it would have won Gold too. I assume.).


Anyway, it was a great night and a lot of fun. A lot of which had to do with the fact that I got the “Open Bar” option on the ticket, so it was cool to just walk up with my glass and tell the bartender to “fill me up.” Believe me, I felt like royalty.


For those of you tempted to point out that this is not a press release, I beg to differ. I have released this and it is available for any member of the press to read. So there.