Breakfast at 12 still youngest advertising agency on HBJ’s Top 25 List. For now…

We may be at the bottom, but we’re still the youngest advertising agency on the Houston Business Journal’s list of Largest Houston-Area Advertising and Marketing Agencies.

Founded in 2012, we were #25 in our debut year, then climbed to #24 in 2013, #23 in 2014 and now back to #24 in 2015. At this rate, we’ll hit #1 in 2045 when I’m 80 years old.

A shot at Top 20?

We really thought we had a shot at breaking the Top 20. Our billings were greater in 2015 than they were in 2014. But a lot of new firms decided that THIS year, they wanted on the list. That just screwed up our rankings. The Carson Group, which has been in Houston since the Allen Brothers were doing shots on the Buffalo Bayou popped in at $8.9 million pushing us down. Then the Market Doctors from Dickinson, TX appeared out of nowhere (Of course … Dickinson! Where in the fuck is Dickinson!?!)

New firms? Who needs ’em?

VRTC which was founded one year before us (ha! ha! you’re not the youngest and never will be!) came in at #8 pushing us down even further the list. Some fucking firm called BubbleUp, LLC came out of nowhere (even though they were founded in 2004) with $2 million in billings out of the Woodlands. The Woodlands?! I thought oil and gas marketing was drying up.

Apparently not.

Thank you for not playing.

But even thought we did better last year than 2014, we’d like to extend our sincere gratitude to the following firms who kept us on the list: BrandExtract, Whole Wheat Creative, Lopez Negrete and SSD Fair Marketing. Without them being so lazy that they couldn’t just fill out a few forms, we would have never made it on the page.

Thanks, guys!