Marketing Consulting for Small Companies

As a small company, you know you need marketing, but, when you’ve looked at bringing someone on full time, you can only afford an entry-level marketing person. Your company or nonprofit needs senior-level marketing for small companies in houston to help you develop strategies and tactics to stay competitive. You’ve talked to several marketing consulting firms but their experience with larger corporations simply wasn’t practical for your small business.

True marketing for small businesses in houston

Breakfast at 12 provides marketing for small companies in Houston on a consulting basis bringing you practical marketing experience to your small company. We help your company grow by rolling up our sleeves and getting to work immediately by assessing your company, its brand and its marketing efforts. Then we pinpoint a strategy and execute our plan within 30 days.

Let’s not waste time

You get a Vice President of Marketing level person for the cost of a Marketing Manager or Coordinator that has done marketing for small companies in Houston. We know entrepreneurs, small companies and nonprofits like yours. We also know that you don’t have time for a lot of delays and nonsense that marketing leaders with larger organizations need to justify their actions.

At Breakfast at 12, we assess accurately, plan deliberately and move quickly. We don’t produce a lot of thick strategy deliverables that become obsolete within a few months. In fact, most of our documentation are single-page bullet-points with clear background, action items and rationale–the high-level data points that you need to make decisions. We spend our time making things happen, not covering our asses.

Strategy and execution in one place

Our marketing for small companies in Houston includes award-winning tactical skills too. More than 20 years in advertising, marketing and branding. We can develop brand strategy and execution, brand identity, marketing plans, provide creative direction, media planning, copywriting, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM and PPC), build and maintain websites and purchase media whether its conventional or digital. We become your one-person marketing department without the office space and personnel costs.

Easy to engage and easy to work with

With Breakfast at 12 as your marketing resource, you have a true partner in your company’s efforts. We can talk about monthly engagements starting with one day a week all the way through five days a week depending upon our goals and objectives. We can do hybrid engagements that require our presence in your offices part time or full time. Or we can work 100% remote.

We’re completely transparent with our costs and markups. Before we rack up any expense, we submit an estimate for your approval. If you don’t approve, it doesn’t happen. Or we can use any vendor of your choice and have them bill you direct.

We earn our job every day

Bringing in a seasoned, skilled marketing pro doesn’t have to be complicated. We promise to deliver insightful, effective solutions that get results. Plus, we’re available whenever you need us and we act quickly. We know that our work is only as good as the last completed project, so we’re earning our position with your company ever day. And that makes us the perfect employee.

Call us today to have a conversation about how marketing consulting for small companies in Houston can help you. Our first one-hour meeting is free and we can deliver a proposal back to you in a few days.