Casa Ole’s “Hit Casa Ole” Today Campaign

The Challenge

Casa Ole Mexican Restaurant, a Texas tradition since 1973, has made it their mission to make guests feel like family by warmly welcoming them to enjoy freshly prepared, high-quality Tex-Mex, at family-friendly prices.

The Casa Ole brand needed to be revitalized and reclaim its position as a fun, neighborhood Mexican restaurant of choice, for a family dining experience. My firm had three key objectives to meet: 1) re-establish the brand in a compelling new way, 2) increase appeal among new customers, 3) and communicate their high value and fresh food experience.

The Solution

To appeal to this cross- generational demographic, we reinforced that Casa Olé was a family restaurant that won’t break your budget, while simultaneously connecting with, and capturing the interest of, their younger audience.

Our strategy was to introduce Papi, a vibrant, outspoken and confident piñata — a traditional symbol of Mexican fun. Dropping out of the sky, Papi is a harbinger of guidance for people looking for dining value — “big portions for little pesos.”

The Results

The piñata campaign was an instant hit, putting Casa Olé back on the radar with their core customers. The chain experienced a 5% increase in same stores sales after its launch — a huge gain considering the rest of the casual dining segment had seen a loss of 13-18%. Casa Ole gave Papi his own Facebook page and sold plush piñatas giving the restaurant chain’s patrons a deeper engagement with the brand and an all new merchandizing revenue stream.


Casa Ole Papi the Pinata
Casa Ole Papi the Pinata